This site has been established to preserve the memory and works of the late Col. Zivan L. Knezevic. Born in Vranje, Serbia in 1906 to prominent educator and professor Lazar Knezevic and his wife Mileva), he was educated at the Yugoslav Royal Military Academy and the École supérieure de guerre in Paris. Along with his brother Professor Radoje Knezevic, he is best known for his critical role in overthrowing the pro-Nazi regime of Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia on March 27th, 1941. In the royal government in exile he held the position of chief of the prime minister’s military Cabinet , where he coordinated guerrilla operations between General Dragoljub “Draza” Mihajlovic and Allied forces. He was then posted to the Royal Yugoslav Embassy in Washington as Naval and Air Attaché. When King Peter II was forced to dismiss his all party government in exile in favor of the pro-communist government of Dr. Ivan Subasic, Col. Knezevic resigned his post stating that he would “rather be a private first class in the US Army than a Marshall in Tito’s army.” In 1944, along with his second in command Borislav Todorovic, he attempted to parachute into Serbia to join General Mihajlovic, but was captured by British forces and eventually released due to the intervention of the US government. The new communist government tried General Mihajlovic and Col. Knezevic as war criminals, convicting Col. Knezevic in absentia and eventually executing General Mihajlovic. Unable to return to his homeland, he eventually began a civilian career as a military intelligence research specialist for the U.S. Army Map Service. Despite the need to adjust to a new life in a new country, he immediately began a life-long effort to expose the truth about the communist movement in Serbia and the injustice perpetrated against General Mihajlovic and the Ravna Gora movement. Most notable in this effort are his Serbian language books “The 27th of March” and “Liberty or Death.” The Yugoslav communists made a concerted effort to malign and mischaracterize the historical role Col. Knezevic played in Yugoslav history. Even more alarming, those who would rewrite history to exonerate Prince Paul have attempted to call into question Col. Knezevic’s patriotism and integrity. This effort is ongoing despite the fact that the Republic of Serbia officially “rehabilitated” Col. Knezevic in 2009. The mission of this website is to counter such revisionist history and provide a venue for the late Col. Knezevic to defend himself with his own words, as he does so quite eloquently in both books.

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